A Brief Interpretation With Respect To The Rules Regarding MOB Equipment And The MCA Regulations.

We have just received some clarification from the SFIA with regards to man overboard Equipment regulations.

The regulations require that a means of recovering a person from the water is required on vessels of 15m to 24m but no approval for the equipment is required. This means that the method of recovery is left very much in the hands of the Skipper but he should have some form of equipment at hand, ready, should an incident happen.

The regulations for vessels over 24m follow the 24m code which is Torremolinos. These regulations require a rescue (DOTI) craft for MOB recovery. However, there is a UK exemption to this rule if the vessel has six or less crew. The MCA recognises the fact that, with six or less crew, there is not enough crew members to ready, man, launch, recover casualty and retrieve the rescue craft whilst leaving enough crew members on-board to operate the mother ship safely.

This exemption allows for a suitable recovery device, recognised by the MCA,  to be fitted, used and accepted by the MCA for man overboard rescue and recovery.

I hope this has been of some assistance to mariners and is intended only as a guide. All ship owners etc should, make them selves aware of, ensure that their vessels comply with and adhere to the regulations in the sea area they operate at all times.