There are certain key factors that are beyond external control during a MOB rescue such as weather conditions and sea state.

 1) Equipment for MOB recovery is easily accessible on vessel.

  2) Equipment is quick and easy to deploy.

  3) Equipment is weld and load tested to 300kg with test plate and certificate.

  4) Equipment can recover casualty horizontally.

  5) Equipment allows easy access even when life-jacket is worn by casualty.

  6) Equipment stays ridged and will not collapse when grasped.

  7) Equipment requires little or no effort to hold onto or enter.

  8) Equipment protects casualty during recovery.

  9) Equipment can be deployed anywhere round vessel.

10) Equipment can be pulled in water, round vessel, to casualty.

11) Equipment provides secure environment in water for persons overboard.

12) Equipment has retro reflective tape fitted for night use. 

13) Equipment rides waves in unison with casualty.

14) Equipment allows unconscious casualty to be aided in recovery.

15) Equipment does not put the lives of others at risk.

16) Very simple operation and reusable

17) Equipment has undergone and passed independant wave tank trials. 

18) Equipment helps to avoid dangerous and difficult vessel manoeuvres.