Man Overboard Recovery Equipment Description

A versatile rescue cage that is suitable for use from all vessels, especially high sided ones, for the recovery of persons from the water. The "C Rescue" cage is a robust aluminium framed lightweight structure with open ends that floats on the water and supports a base 300mm below the surface providing a "safe haven" for the casualty to swim into. once contained in the 300kg load tested cage the casualty can be simply lifted in a horizontal position back on-board the vessel via the lifting strap using a deck crane, powerblock, winch or even by hand. Retrieval is also aided by the floats which acts as rollers up against the vessels hull and protects the casualty from any buffeting against the side of the ship. The cage is capable of containing two persons enabling a rescuer to be safely lowered in the cage to rescue an unconscious person. This is a simple, low maintenance effective device that folds compactly for storage and can be deployed in 20 seconds with no in depth training required. It is suitable for deployment anywhere round the vessel, pulled in the water round the vessel to the casualty or left in the water, independant of the ship, as a "safe haven" for the casualty should the situation develop. The cost is modest, compared to some other rescue equipment and can be supplied with a purpose built storage box for convenient fixing on the vessel. 

Testing Of Man Overboard Equipment At Lowestoft College Wave Tank