The primary function of the cage is to perform a speedy recovery of a casualty from the water/ sea by enabling the casualty ready access to the cage following its deployment from the vessel. Alternatively, at the discretion of the person responsible for the cage (e.g. skipper/ captain) the cage can be used as a temporary safe haven for a casualty subject to suitable weather conditions prevailing at the time of its deployment.

Deployment is simple.....The cage can be unfolded and simply lowered into the water

The cage has undergone successfull extensive tests in the Fresh Water Wave Tank at Lowestoft Nautical College in conditions which would reflect adverse weather conditions.( Sea water improves buoyancy)

April 2003      Cruden Bay Harbour     Witnessed by SFIA

June 2003     RGIT Wave Tank Aberdeen with Dummy

June 2003     Peterhead Harbour   White Fish Trawler "Harvest Hope" Trials

Sept 2003      Peterhead Harbour   Super Trawler "Lunar Bow" Trials

April 2004      Lowestoft Wave Tank     Witnessed by SFIA

March 2005   Lowestoft Wave Tank     Witnessed by SFIA

May 2005       On show for first time to public at Fishing Exhibition Glasgow.

May 2005       Lowestoft Wave Tank     Witnessed by SFIA, MCA, RNLI. 

June 2005     Peterhead Pilot Boat Sea Trials

Aug 2005      Sulom Voe Sea Trials Shetland, witnessed by Local Government 

                       Officials,Tug Captains and MCA.

April 2006    C Rescue wins Seatrade Award for Safety At Sea (World Recognition) 

June 2006    Lowestoft Wave Tank    Witnessed by SFIA and HSE for report to 

                       the Oil EERTAG Committee 

Aug 2006     Lowestoft Wave Tank     New and old MOB cages.  Witnessed by

                       SFIA and Stena Line Representative

July 2007     M.O.B Equipment trials carried out in Ireland by Ferry opperator.

                       B.A.E Systems install M.O.B equipment on new Warship,

                       H.M.S Daring, for sea trials.

Sept 2007    M.O.B Rescue Cage trials in Seattle, America.

Lightweight aluminium frame.....its open ended design and base under water means casualties can enter it very easily

   The pruduct and people behind the success story have been featured in many newspaper, radio and internet articles globally including a news article by Scottish television.

A comprehensive verification programme was undertaken, by Seafish, which demonstrated the M.O.B recovery cage to be a highly effective rescue device.